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Happy Tails


Myth # 1:    Shelter dogs are "damaged goods"

Myth # 2:    It's too sad to go to a shelter to get a dog

Myth # 3:    An older dog won't bond with you the way that a puppy will


    The "Happy Tails" from people who have adopted dogs from our shelter

 speak volumes about these myths, so here is just a sampling of the many

 letters that people send us about our dogs...now their dogs

Lou (Dallas at the  shelter)

From Lou's Family: "I adopted Lou two years ago. He has been an absolute pleasure, he is so full of life and exuberance, we have so much fun together! He loves to go hiking, swimming and biking. He is incredibly smart and perceptive. His tough appearance belies his kind and gentle nature. The highlight of my day is coming home and giving him a big hug and kiss and then  we pummel on the floor!"


From Hutch's Family:"Dear North Hempstead Animal Shelter, As we are approaching a year since we adopted Hutch we thought it would be fitting to give you an update! He is still growing, almost 75 pounds, and loving life everyday. He loves playing fetch, laying in the sun and cuddling up underneath the covers to our bed. He loves making new dog friends every time we take him for a walk and his trust in humans has tremendously improved. Thank you for taking such good care of him and helping train him before we were blessed to bring him into our lives."

From Bluebelle's Family:"We want you to know that Belle, our beautiful Sheltie, has made a wonderful adjustment to her new home. She loves following her two buddies, Daisy and Ginger, and has become a real "treat" gal. Belle has the run of the house and is a total sweetheart. Than you so much for all the care that you gave her. We are all so happy that she is part of our family." 

Dear Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter,
Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Roscoe the Pit Mix while he was there. This great, silly, loving boy is really thriving in his new home in Brooklyn and getting along smashingly with his new sister Lily. We're so happy to have him in our family. Warm regards to every staff member there for the love you gave him when he needed it. And keep up the excellent work for the animals! Sincerely, Roscoe's Family.

It only took about a month but we finally got Titus to snuggle on the couch with us! He's the perfect dog we love him, and we think he loves us too . Thank you so much for all the work you did with him!

Jack (Jax)

From Jack's Family: "It has been a little over one month since I adopted Jax (now Jack) the puggle from the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter aka The Shelter Connection. I just want to say thank you! He is the perfect dog for us, and everyone in the family adores him. I also wanted to thank everyone at the shelter for being so accommodating and helpful. The staff was very knowledgeable and informative during the adoption process. It definitely left a great impression! As for Jack, he has adjusted so well. He loves people, other dogs, and food! He provides great company to our other pup. We also found out that he is very housebroken, which was a nice surprise. We're still working on his weight, but it looks as though he has lost a few pounds with the right diet and lots of exercise. He loves to run at the dog park, but loves to nap even more when we're relaxing at home. Again, thank you guys so much for such a wonderful dog!"

King at home

We usually add family comments here but sometimes pictures say so much more than words!


From Teddy's Family:"Hey Guys- just wanted to give you an update on Teddy--the best dog in the world. He's 4 years old now and living in Brooklyn with me. We commute to Port Washington every day and he's our office dog on Main street. He is still a show stopper and gets tons of attention walking on the street in Brooklyn. Loves kids and having his face rubbed. The best companion I could ever ask for... I don't know how I ever lived without him.
Eggdrop- now Scout

From Scout's Family: "Hi guys, Just wanted to send you an update about Scout formerly known as Eggdrop. We adopted him last May (2014) and he has fully integrated himself into our family and our hearts. We came up on a Saturday to meet him and there were several days left  until he became available to adopt. We went through a lot as a family in the 2 years prior to adoption during Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath, so I was not willing to disappoint my kids by not getting him. I came to the shelter at 7 PM the evening before he was available. I parked my car, had a bag dinner in the car and slept there through the night to insure that Scout was coming home with me. We are coming up on a year and Scout has brought so much love, joy and healing into our home. Thanks so much to all of you there who work so hard every day to place these wonderful animals into loving forever homes. You made the process easy and affordable. He had all of his shots, was neutered, chipped and in robust good health. The adoption fee was very modest too. I am attaching some photos of Scout with and without my kids. Please feel free to use our story or photos if it helps you in your wonderful and kind mission. With love and gratitude, Scout's family"
Hoagie (formerly Hogan)

From Hoagie's Family:"Hey guys, I know it's been a long time since I adopted "Hoagie" from you, but I wanted to be sure I made the right choice before I went ahead and said it was an official match. He's settled in nicely at my Bushwick apartment. He must have been well trained by the previous owner, because he's been a dream since day one (with a few quirks, but what dog doesn't have those).  You guys mentioned you like to see pictures, so I have a few attached to this email. Hope all goes well at the shelter. Thanks so much for such a sweet dog."

From Bessie's Family: "I would like to take a few minutes to let you know what a great dog Bessie has been. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We feel so lucky to have adopted her. She is adjusting so nicely to the rules and routines of our house. Thank you so very much for helping us find the perfect dog."
BamBam- now Cashew

From Cashew's family: "When I first went looking for a dog, I didn't think I would adopt because those are the "throw away" dogs. SO FAR from the truth. They are just as cute, able to be trained, beautiful and loving animals! My doggie has brought me so much joy and happiness since I adopted him from the North Hempstead Animal Shelter a little over a year ago and I wouldn't trade him for any store bought dog in the world!"

From Pop: "Hi it's Pop. My caretaker is sending this donation in honor of all the loving staff who cared for me while I was with you. I've been busy, and yes, so I've been told, a very good boy!! I've met so many new friends, had a play date with Louie, my neighbor's Pug, and been to the Vet (ugh had to get shots) but i'm okay. Collin, my dog walker is great, it's fun to explore Sea Cliff with her. Oh, I have so many toys- my caretaker's friends are super- even went to one of their houses for thanksgiving. Thanks for putting my photo on your web page, my out of state family got to see how "cute" I am. Oh gotta go- dinner time and I hope my favorite treat, baby carrots, are for desert. 
Thank you all again for being so kind to me. Kisses and tail wags."

From Blue's Family:"Thank you for all that you do. We are so blessed to have Blue in our lives and your work makes that possible."
Guapo (now Titus)

From Titus' Family:"We adopted Titus, formerly Guapo, in November 2012 and we are absolutely in love!! He is the sweetest most loving dog we have ever had. He is my daughter's shadow, he goes with her everywhere. We also have a 12 pound Italian Greyhound and he is a true gentleman with her. I just want to commend you all at The Shelter Connection for the fantastic work you do with the misunderstood "bully breeds". Thank you and Happy Holidays!!"

Archie was adopted from our shelter in 2005. He moved to Portugal with his family shortly after being adopted, They were kind enough to send us pictures in 2010 and again this year. From Archie's family:
"Here is a recent picture of Archie at the beach with our son. He is getting old, but he still runs around and is the same goofy and sweet dog."
Meesha (now Maya)

I promised I would let the shelter know how Meesha is doing. I changed her name to Maya (she seems to like it). She is by far the most awesome dog I have ever met. She has a great temperament. She is sweet, mellow and yet playful. She is settling in great. My boyfriend originally wanted a male. puppy, Jack Russell Terrier. After meeting Meesha he fell in love with her and is spoiling her rotten. She sleeps in bed with us, goes for nice long walks, just had her first playdate with two Schnauzers and had a great time. We had some issues with "bathroom accidents" in the house but I have been spending a lot of time with her and working with her to teach her to go outside. So far no accidents for 48 hours. She is doing great! I think she just needed a routine. Thank you so much for holding her until I was able to get her. She is a perfect fit for my lifestyle and family. She is a keeper.
Brock (now Tyson)

We adopted Brock, now Tyson over 1 year ago. Tyson is a brindle boxer who was seized by Animal Care & Control. It was by chance that we came to the shelter the day after he was rescued by The Shelter Connection. We wanted you to know that he has settled in quite nicely. My children, husband and I adore him. He is an asset to our family.

Just an update on Oreo. I adopted her on June 12th, 2014. She is the sweetest dog and she is just great with commands. She has adjusted so well in my home. She is a little territorial with other dogs but we are working on that. I don't know who rescued who, but she is such a joy and she makes me laugh. I love coming home to her kisses and snuggles. She is just wonderful.
I thank that day I decided to take a right turn after I did not see any dog that interested me at North Shore Animal League. I can't thank you enough. I have attached a picture of Oreo (not very good for posing for the camera). This picture is after her haircut.

My grandson and I adopted Hazel at the North Hempstead Animal Shelter. She is the most loving companion, and adores playing with the children. Hazel also has a wonderful singing voice and has the longest doggy conversation with my neice. 
Bandit came to our shelter as a "rescue dog" in March 2011. He lived at the shelter for three years until his recent adoption.

From Bandit's Family: "We adopted Bandit on May 3rd, and he requested we send you his regards and some news.
So, in addition to the pictures attached is an update:
Bandit has become part of the family. He is a good, good-natured friend. He loves to play and has lots of energy. I call him a serial toy destroyer and I can swear he has a sense of humor.
Ho loves to be loved, to be part of the group, to feel that he belongs to the family, and he does belong.
My husband and Bandit love to nap together, as you can see in the picture.
He is curious and inquisitive, so smart that we are afraid that he will train us. But also obedient and very well trained, thanks to you guys.
Thank you for being a loving family to Bandit for almost three years. Thank you for teaching him and training him to be a good dog. Thank you for giving us a loyal, sweet and generous friend.
You have our respect and appreciation for the wonderful work that you do."
Fron us: "Thank you for adopting a member of our "Family" and giving him the home that he deserves. From the pictures it looks like Bandit truly found the home that he waited three years to find."


"Since We Found Each Other Life is Looking Up."


Please accept this donation in honor of Chauncy. We adopted him from the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter in October 2009 and We LOVE him!!

Chauncy's Family



From Max's Family: "We hope you enjoy these pictures of Max. He has been with us a year and a half now". From us: "Max looks great and so comfortable at home. Thank you for adopting him." 
Thora (Reba)

From Thora: "Hi to all my friends at N. Hempstead Animal Shelter. I am the stray that was brought in the beginning of January that you called Reba. My new name is Thora and I am doing very well with my new family. Since I was adopted on January 29th, 2014 I have been eating twice a day, get to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, was given new toys, and get lots of hugs and kisses from my new mommy. I have a new doctor who is very happy with my progress; I have gained 7 whole pounds so far!! My boo boo from the operation I had has healed nicely, and the sores that were on my paws are completely healed! My mommy also bought me a new collar and name tag, has gotten my nails cut and gave me a bath for the first time just the other day; I was a very good girl in the tub if I must say so myself! I just wanted to say hi and let you know how I was doing. I will write you all again soon. Kisses To You All, Thora". From us: "Dear Thora, It's wonderful to hear that you are happy and doing so well. Please give your family kisses from us for adopting you and making you so happy." 

Enclosed is a picture of Grammy smiling. She is now a very happy little girl.
P.S. Grammy snores! Love it!
Gatsby (Drexel)

Drexel (Gatsby) is doing well and getting quite comfortable in his new home. We couldn't be happier. He's a sweet, well behaved (for now) little cutie. Thanks again.
Bridey (Lil Foot)

From Bridey's Family: "This is Bridey. You know her as Lil Foot (adopted 4/2013). Thank you so much for the greatest thing that ever happened to us. We love her so much and we love you all so much for it." From us: "We are so glad that you feel this way about one of our pups. Thank you for adopting her and for letting us know your feelings about her. This makes the work that we do so much easier."

From Coconut's Family: "Coconut is doing amazing! She is such a wonderful addition to our family. We have watched her come out of her shell in the last month and it's great. She is so happy and loving. So different than the skinny little girl that was scared of her own shadow her first week!! No more tail between her legs in fact it's always wagging. She loves going for walks with the kids and playing in the yard!...thank you so much to all the staff at North Hempstead Animal Shelter you were great! We hope everyone had happy holidays and a wonderful 2014!" From us: "Thank you for giving Coconut a chance and a loving home. She looks SO happy!"

From Bear: "Thank you for taking care of me & thank you Liz for giving me so much love and attention. For teaching my parents how I can smile (see top left picture). I have a new home with tons of love, snuggles & attention. I go everywhere with them & take many trips to the dog park." From Bear's Family: "We are very grateful for Bear. He is a special dog & has brought much joy, happiness, and love to our lives during our time of grief. He is a special boy and has touched our hearts. God bless you all." From us: "Bear's note says it all- thank you for adopting him."

From Holly's Family: "Here is a recent picture of Holly and I. We adopted Holly from The Shelter Connection on December 2, 2005. Thanks, she is a great pal." From us: "Beautiful picture- thank you for letting us know that Holly is loved and appreciated. Pictures and stories like this really makes our days brighter."
More from Holly's family: "On the day we adopted Holly, we were babysitting overnight with our oldest 4 grandchildren. We had set up a makeshift bed for the kids and Holly worked her way into the middle of them. The next morning the grandkids and Holly were all on a couch watching TV. Since we brought her home at Christmas time we kept her name as Holly. Over the years our family has added 4 more grandchildren. She is extremely fond and gentle with all of them, as gentle a pet as one could ask for, but protective of the home turf should a stranger come to the door. She and I walk to the dog park every morning. She was, with the exception of 2 greyhounds, the undisputed fastest dog at the park for many years. When we adopted her you told us of her many fears, one of which was passing through doors. She has overcome them all with the exception of one door into the kitchen. For some reason, she cannot be coaxed through that door, but runs around through the dining room to enter the kitchen from the other side. Well, we are all entitled to some idiosyncrasies. Our thanks go out to The Shelter Connection for providing us with a cherished family member who adds joy to our home every day." 
McSorley (Keebler)

From McSorley's Family: "This is McSorley, formerly known as Keebler. We adopted him from the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter six weeks ago. He has made us very happy, especially Beau, our Great Pyrenees mix rescue. In lieu of a christmas gift for myself, my husband and I have just made a donation on line to you. While it may not be much, we hope it helps. We are very grateful for the work you do to help save our helpless furry friends. God bless you all." From us: "Thank you so much for the very generous donation. It means so much more that your donation was made in lieu of gifts for you and says much of your love for animals. Thank you also for giving one of our pups a home where he is loved."

From Odie's Family: "Odie loves his life in north central Massachusetts. He takes a two mile walk every day (weather permitting) with his "daddy". He gets to socialize with the neighborhood dogs. In the summer he loves a daily swim in the pool. He enjoys daily car trips. Odie is truly happy and he has brought joy into our lives. He is our "baby" and we love him."
Lucky's pups reunion 9/28/2013

Lucky, a Poodle Mix, gave birth to a litter of 7 pups in May of 2013. The shelter and The Shelter Connection had a "Puppy Reunion" on 9/28. Five of the siblings, their families, and the shelter staff and TSC volunteers had a great time with the 6 month old pups. 
Coco & Daisy

Hello to everybody at the shelter. This donation is in memory of my beloved dog Coco, who I adopted from you in September of 2002. Her name was Skye then and she had one blue and one brown eye. She died on May 29th of cancer. We miss her terribly. With her in the picture is Daisy, the Beagle who I adopted in September 2009 from you. She was called Rosie then. After some early bickering over who is boss (Daisy won!) they got along fine and became a great team. 

From Clyde's Family: "I adopted Clyde in November 2006. He's been a never ending source of joy- the best thing I, a senior, could ever have in my life. He's a great companion- full of love and makes me laugh with his goofy stunts. Clyde is my reason for getting up in the morning. He had a very painful injury but with excellent care he's now doing fine and ready to resume the walks that he loves so much. He loves people, other dogs and even as an 8 year old he still loves his squeaky toys. I was very lucky to make a "wrong" turn on my way to find the perfect dog. Thank you for having him at your shelter and giving him good care until I found him." From us: "Thank you for loving and caring for Clyde." 
Dakota (Holly)
Frannie (Summer)

I adopted Frannie (Summer was her shelter name) In July 2012. She was only 9 pounds. a bit thin and her fur was sparse and so wiry a doggie comb would not go through without getting caught. A change in her diet increased her weight by 2 pounds and made her coat so much better. Now her undercoat is as soft and white as goose down. When I came to the shelter to see her I was told that she was sweet. That was an understatement. She is so adorable and loves to kiss. Her favorite toys are a kong toy and a football. She knows them by name and will bring them to me when I ask for them. Frannie enjoys walks around the neighborhood and her favorite snack is Venison jerky. Many thanks to The Shelter Connection and the good work of the staff for the dogs at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter. Frannie is the second dog I adopted from your shelter. I adopted a Border Collie mix back in March of 1998. She was also a very loving dog,and very clever. Unfortunately she passed away in 2011 at the age of approximately 14. My mom and I had 13 years with this beautiful dog and I hope that my new sweetie, Frannie, will be with me for at least as many years.

Juno aka Honey, as a country girl/Long Island transplant in central NYS.


July 14th is Juno's (aka Honey) fifth Re-birthday. So we always think of you around this time of year. We moved to Central New York State a year ago and Juno made a great adjustment. We live in a very dog-friendly and rescue-minded town, so people are comfortable with somewhat quirky dogs with difficult early lives. That being said, when we walk her, people remark on how pretty she is. She has come a long way from the skinny, frightened new mom to a well fed lab-mix country dog. Regards from Juno and her folks.


Ms. Sally


This is Ms. Sally. I adopted her in January from the North Hempstead Animal Shelter after my Great Dane "Steele" passed away. Ms. Sally is simply wonderful. A true success story. Thank you for bringing us together.




In December we adopted a wonderful puppy named Jingles. This is a follow up with the status of Jingles and how she is doing with our family. When we adopted Jingles my sister was dealing with a lot of major issues. Jingles was a way to help her cope, and help her and the family grow closer together. Well, to say the least, Jingles has been a blessing! My sister has grown quite close to her and my family and I have taken her in as one of our own. Even our little Yorkie Precious has grown close to her. We take them for walks together and the family has cheered up thanks to Jingles. Attached are pictures of Jingles. She is an awesome Beagle and glad that she found a good home! Thank you for this little, big appetite, blessing. She loves eating!. Hope for many more successful adoptions for you all. 


My name is Max. I'm about 10 years old, blind and almost deaf.
I had ear infections that weren't taken care of, so my ears are small. I also have a scar around my nose. I think I barked too much and my owner tied my mouth closed. I was left alone in a dog park. I was cold and scared. Luckily, someone brought me to the Town of North Hempstead dog shelter. This is the story of my new life.  

I'm getting adopted! This is the day I meet my new family.

I'm here at my new home. I'm not sure my sister is used to me yet...
Maybe it's because I'm not sure where I'm sitting
I'm waiting to go outside in my new raincoat.              It's a good thing i don't need to see where                                                                                                             I'm going!

I think my sister Molly is getting more comfortable with me.

I have pajamas to keep me warm if it's chilly.

I love snuggling in bed with my blanket.

I feel safe and cozy in my new home. My new family loves me!


From Sandy's Family: "Here is a picture of Sandy in her new home in Brooklyn. She is a very good girl. Thank you-". From us: "Sandy looks great. Thank you for giving her a great new home."

As promised here are recent photos of our "beloved" Cole. After a real scare where he apparently injured a major muscle in his back and taking about 6 weeks of TLC, and prednisone, for him to completely regain his strength and agility. But he is back as you can see from his pictures. We feel so blessed as, although he can't replace Koko, nevertheless he has filled our hearts (and a huge space) with his love and personality. Awesome companion!! Warm regards and great appreciation for what you do!
(White dog)

From Frost's Family: "Frost and Jax. They are enjoying each other. We are so happy to have Frostie in our home. Thank you for saving him!" 
Ms. Sally

From Ms. Sally's adopter: "It's been one week since I adopted Ms. Sally and I am thrilled with her. I want to thank you so much for the help you provided during the adoption process. I wrote a letter (see below) that appeared in the 'Voice of the People' section of the Daily News regarding the adoption. It was in response to earlier criticism regarding the process of pet adoption. I felt I needed to respond with my own fabulous story:
"Puppy Love- There have been many negative comments regarding the cost of pet adoption. However, I adopted Ms. Sally, a terrier mix from the North Hempstead Animal Shelter in Port Washington. The fee was $25 which included a leash and a collar. She was neutered and received her first series of shots. It was an excellent experience, and the staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful." From us: "Thank you for the kind words about your experience at our shelter but even bigger thanks for adopting and loving one of our pups."
Libby (Jazz)

From Libby's Family: "Libby (Jazz at the shelter) is adjusting well to her new home. She is really a great dog. We love her to pieces. It is so nice coming home and having her there, so excited to see us. It took quite a few weeks for her to warm up to us, but now she follows us around everywhere. She is starting to become more playful and getting exercise everyday. As you can see she has gained a few pounds since we adopted her on July 3rd. We think she likes it here and likes to eat. Thank you for taking such good care of her while she was with you." From us: "Thank you for adopting Libby- there is no doubt that she loves the great care and love that she feels in your home."

From Nicky's Family: "It has been a while since we've contacted you guys. Nicky is doing wonderful, he is SUPER DUPER pampered and we won't have him any other way. Thank you always for giving us our 4th child." 
Bonnie Lynn- before & after
(see more of her story below)

From Bonie Lynn: "Hello again, It's me again, Bonnie Lynn. I have to show off my new coat. No, I didn't buy it! It just grew on me (but I have to admit I hate being brushed). I thought you might like to see the before and after- and I am looking forward to the holidays. Hope you all have a  wonderful holiday and Happy New Year! And I keep thanking you every night in my prayers. 
Bonnie Lynn (still the barker)


Trinket was recently adopted. Her new family sent us pictures without a story. The first picture is of Trinket while she was at the shelter, the second is with a member of her new family, and the third is of Trinket with her sister Katie. Sometimes the pictures tell the story- who needs words?

August (dog on left) with Linus


From Linus:"Hi! My name is Linus, and this is my new friend August. My family adopted her from the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter this summer. August is a three year old Siberian Husky, and she loves to play, take long walks, and snuggle with the family- which is perfect for me because I love to do those things! Now we can share our exuberance for life with each other and our human family- and that makes us both happy. Thank you to the TNH Animal Shelter for taking such good care of August and making sure that she would be a fun and healthy fit for our family." From us:"Thank you Linus for welcoming August into your home and family."


From Sancho's Family:"I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for my little guy Sancho and to give you an update. Sancho was not the little guy that he is today when I went to meet him back in March of 2011 (he was quite a handful there). Now I know it was all because he was so scared. Now Sancho is the proud member of my family. He is obedient, kind, loving and energetic with a hysterical personality. He is truly "that dog" that most people only come across once in a lifetime. Sancho travels everywhere with us and loves car rides and exploring as much as we do. He is truly an amazing dog who is a true testament as how a little patience goes a long way. Thank you so much for letting us take our little guy home with us, we are truly blessed. Thank you again for giving me my Sancho.
Bonnie Lynn (on right)
From Bonnie Lynn: "You probably remember me, Bonnie Lynn --you know--the collie that kept on"talking"!! Well, just to bring you up-to-date I am attaching a picture of me (with my boy friend Winston). Life is good, actually it is GREAT!!! I have a big back yard to run (and bark) in, Winston to play with, and a choice of 5 beds in the house. My coat is growing in and I am beginning to look like a real rough collie instead of a smoothie
with a raccoon tail! Soon my Mom is taking me to be assessed to see if I can go into the training program to be a Pet Therapy dog just like Winston. I don't know exactly what that is but it sounds like fun to me. She says I can bring so much love and happiness to a lot of people and you remember how much I love people! So i am hoping they accept me.
Mom says to thank you again for letting me come to live with her (and Winston, of course).
P.S. Don't tell anyone but I think Winston is in love with me!!!   
Honey (Violet)

From Honey's Family: "We adopted "Violet" in July 2012 and we wanted to thank you personally (Liz) for your suggestion to adopt her. We couldn't be happier. We have renamed her "Honey" which fits her personality and temperament. Honey is adjusting to her new home beautifully. She enjoys our fenced in yard and we found out that she has "guard dog" capabilities. We assume that is the Jindo portion of her breed. Once again we thank you Liz for your knowledge and ability to match dogs with families, The picture shows Honey enjoying her leisure time with us.
Guiness (Ebony pup from litter of 6)

From Guiness' Family:"We wanted to show you pictures of Guiness and how well he is doing...he is so happy to be here, as happy as we are having him here. He is good, lets us know when he has to go out, sits, gives paw, never leaves the property..we say to people it's because he was raised by your staff for the first 8 weeks of his life." 

From Blinky's family:"We adopted Blinky on April 19th. She is loved and enjoying her "forever home". 
Bonnie Lynn (with Winston in 1st picture)

From Bonnie Lynn's new family: "Bonnie is a swetheart. She has made herself to home and has become the big "protector"-- barking at everything from planes and thunder to birds and bees as well as the doorbell, etc. She loves the back yard--lots of room to run and even got Winston to run with her!! And she does love to run--when she first goes out she runs around the entire yard barking at nothing--just so happy to be able to do this. She is housebroken and is eating very (actually very very) well! She loves to be with people--is very curious, very alert and very smart!! Right now she lying down next to me as I type this. I will keep you updated if you like but have to say--she is just great!! Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt her." From us: "Thank you for giving one of our pups a great home." 
Lionel (dog on right)

I just wanted to give you an update on Lionel. He is such a great addition to our family. When we first introduced him he was very timid and overwhelmed. We set up a bed in the kitchen for him and he slept peacefully. He was not very interested in treats at first but he LOVES going on walks. I never thought my brother would take a dog out as much as he takes Lionel. My dad takes him in the morning and afternoon for walks and then my brother comes home from work and walks him and then after dinner my mom takes him. We were worried about his arthritis and his limb deformities but he doesn't seem bothered by them and with a little anti-inflammatory he is as good as new! When I come down and visit and bring my dogs he even wags his tail!!! He loves herding everyone into the kitchen. Thanks for posting him in the paper! he was such a great find!!! He just needed a little TLC! he greets us every time we come in the door, he is a kind and gentle soul EXACTLY how he was described!

I adopted Clyde 5 years ago from your shelter. He's been a constant source of love and companionship. He's loyal, sweet and funny. He loves his bones, squeaky toys, other dogs, and people. He's shown here with three of my grandsons. This was all because of a "wrong" turn onto Marino Avenue. Best mistake I've ever made.
Ruby Tuesday (Nadine)

From Ruby Tuesday's Family: "Do you ever wonder what happens to a dog after they leave your shelter? I just thought you might like to know, I adopted Ruby Tuesday (your Nadine) ten + years ago and she is a wonderful, sweet, loving gentle girl. We both thank you." From us: "We always hope and pray that EVERY dog that leaves our shelter ends up in a happy loving home. Thank you for letting us know that Ruby Tuesday is thriving and loved." 

From Peaches' Family: "Greetings to Susan, Jenna and all of the caring staff at the shelter and the Shelter Connection. Peaches is a true gem! She loves us all and we love her! We are slowly rehabilitating her- she is climbing stairs more confidently since our bedrooms are on the second floor. We thank you for rescuing her so that we could adopt her. God bless you all and all the pets you care for. With love & thanks." From us: "Peaches looks great! She was a shelter favorite and everyone is so happy to see her settling in. These pictures made our day!" 

From Champ's Family: "In October 2010 we adopted Champ, a Lab-Pit Bull mix from your shelter. From the day he came home with us he has been a constant source of happiness for me, my husband & our daughter. We are a family that has always had a dog. Champ, however, was our first rescue. Our boy is smart, obedient, loving and truly the best dog we have ever had. Everyone who meets him "falls in love". I make sure to tell them where her came from and encourage anyone who is thinking about a pet to visit your shelter. I enjoy getting The Shelter Connection newsletter and think the new program, the Progressive Pit, is a great idea. Most people (& I include myself here) are not or were not aware of how loving and giving this breed can be. All they need is a chance".
From us: "We could not have said it better- each Pit Bull Terrier needs to be judged individually, not by the breed name & the prejudices that the name brings. Thank you for giving Champ a loving home." 
Marley (Buttons)

From Marley's Family: "I wanted to send in an update on Marley (formerly Buttons)- who makes every day a happy tale for me. In the summer of 2008, I was looking for an older Pit Bull to adopt, but low and behold, I fell in love with a young Golden Retriever-Chow Chow mix at your shelter. Within minutes of being adopted, Marley's face lit up, a dog smile crossed his face and his eyes mischievously sparkled while his blue tongue relentlessly gave wet kisses. He has come a long way with his training and fear of unexpected sounds and men, and has learned how to get away with a bit too much. The past few years have been amazing - Marley is a constant source of love, physical activity, goofy fun, surprises and laughter. I can't thank your shelter enough for bringing Marley into my home and heart; the staff was patient, honest and loving. A donation raised by sales of my 7th grade students documentary on animal adoptions (inspired by Marley) will shortly follow." From us: "Thank you so much for sharing Marley's story and for adopting from our shelter."
Buddy (Buster)

On behalf of Buddy, our beautiful, contented adopted dog, we would like to make this donation. He is bringing us so much joy and comfort to our family- Thank you! Best wishes for all seasons, Buddy's Family.

Jasmine, a five year old Rottweiler, was brought into the shelter as a stray early in November 2011. She was seen by several families who loved her but did not adopt her because of her age. As the shelter does with all of its dogs Jasmine was posted on Petfinder.com as an adoptable dog. In December a friend of her former family was looking at our dogs and recognized her. He called Jasmine's family who had been searching for her. On December 19th Jasmine and her family were reunited and Jasmine went home. Pictures above show Jasmine with her family before she was lost and her picture on Petfinder that got her home. A real happy tail!!  
Tyson (Boxer) with Diesel & family members

From Tyson's Family: "We would like to thank you guys for letting us bring Tyson into our home. He's a really great dog with an AMAZING personality, we couldn't have adopted a better friend for our boy Diesel and ourselves. We have truly fallen in love with him. We wanted to send you pictures to show you how happy he is with his new family! Also, just wanted to tell you that he's fully trained, house broken, and doesn't even need a crate when we're not home! He's great with kids and seems to love everyone he meets, he loves to give hugs and kisses and just snuggle. We would all like to thank you for our wonderful new addition! 
Oreo- more pictures and follow-up

From Oreo's Family: "Oreo is a wonderful, extremely affectionate playful dog. She has put on weight and loves working for treats. She enjoys her daily walks, playing with us and going on rides. She enjoys going for runs, going to dog runs, and has a friend that is another family dog that often spends weekends with us. She loves taking baths and trying to eat the water. When it is over she doesn't want to get out. We love her so very much and can't wait to take her new places and explore new things. We often wonder how such a wonderful dog stayed at the shelter for so long, and wasn't adopted sooner, but we believe that she was waiting for us to come and bring her home. Because of this experience our 10 year old son wants to work with animals now when he grows up, and help animals in need. Thank you so much for everything. 

From Cooper's adopter: "Here's a picture of Cooper, the male Shiba Inu I adopted on October 12th. He's an absolute angel, and I love him !!

From Oreo's Family: "We have had Oreo for a month now and she is the most wonderful dog. Thank you for taking such good care of our girl."
Juliet (pup with white on her muzzle)

From Juliet's Family: "I just wanted to touch base and let you know how happy we all are. Juliet loves living with us and we love having her. Even Max has gotten used to not being an only dog!!!" 
Levon's Reunion

From Levon's Family:"It was Christmas of 2010. I adopted a black Lab who was unsocialized prior to being surrendered to the shelter. He had spent his entire life outdoors, all seasons, no matter how bad the weather. He had never had a name or so much as a pat on the head by a human hand, kind or not. In the shelter he had to be carried from place to place as he would only walk on a dirt floor. In August this year I decided it was time for the staff at North Hempstead Animal Shelter and Shelter Connection volunteers (of which I am one) who loved and worked with him to see his new life. The pictures above tell the story!"
From us:"Thank you for adopting Levon and having the patience to allow this beautiful pup to flourish and reach his potential." 

From Stuart's Family: "In December of 2002 I walked out of the town shelter with a little black and white Cocker Spaniel whom I named Stuart. He was in need of a daily thyroid pill, allergy help, and some steady grooming. Little by little, slowly but surely, he turned into a beautiful and energetic Cocker Spaniel who fit into a house already inhabited by an English Bull Terrier and a bunch of rabbits who roamed around freely. Actually, it was only physical issues that needed time; Stuart was completely ready for a new home. He walked merrily through our front door and straight into the family. It was as if he was always there and happy to be so. My precious Stuart passed away this summer at the age of about 17. Stuart had developed a heart murmur in his old age and began taking a heart pill and water pill when his heart began to fail. He was not debilitated in any way and was not "sick" a day in his life. The daily heart pill worked wonders but then, one day, it stopped working as his doctor said it would. Stuart died in my arms.
I'm writing to tell you this because this needs to be said about this little abandoned dog. He was gentle but not weak, he was brave but not overbearing, he was obedient but not boring. He was very pretty but also very game. He was not only the best dog I ever had; he was the best dog I ever knew. The work that shelters do is important; those who chose pets from shelters do right, but greater than all of us is Stuart who didn't let a hard life make him hard, who trusted me and loved me without hesitation, who followed me like a shadow and floated like a leaf at the end of his leash. He was full of joy and delight for a walk, a ride in a car or just a nap in the shade while I did my gardening. Wherever I was, his bright black eyes were turned to me.
Shelter workers and volunteers deserve praise for the work that they do. We are right when we chose pets from shelters. But better than all of us is Stuart who was good and sweet and joyful every day of his life. It is Stuart and those like him, waiting patiently and without bitterness for something good to finally come their way, who teach us how much better and braver and sweeter we all could be. Here's to Stuart, a gentle little dog who taught me every day what real courage is. Here's to all the little spirits who hang on bravely to happiness." 
From us: "Nothing we can say would ease your pain from losing Stuart but please accept our sympathy for your loss. Your words so eloquently stated how much a beloved dog can bring into our lives and how much they can mean to us. Thank you."    

Scooby- formerly Cloud

When Cloud (now Scooby) was at the shelter he gave the staff a hard time, appearing unpredictable with an occasional snap- so when he was adopted they warned his adopter to be careful and told them that he could be returned without question if he was too much for them. From his adopter: " I have to tell you Scooby is not the nasty dog everyone thought. He's wonderful. I take him all over and he's great and good with kids. He makes me so happy. The love he has to give is unbelievable he's such a mommy's boy it's great. Thank you for him I can't ask for more because there isn't more. I love him so much and he makes me so happy. Thank you again from a very happy mommy." From us: "You've said it all- we can only say thank you for giving our Cloud a chance."

Greetings. This is Samantha, adopted from the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter in 2003 (my second from the shelter). The same Sammy who taught me you're never too old to play in the snow. Thought you'd like the pic. Please give my best to Sue, Scott, Liz and the gang. From us: "Our dogs do teach us so much- what a shame humans can't be more like them. Thank you so much for adopting our pups."
Sadie- formerly Missy

Hi, I adopted Missy, now Sadie, in mid December of 2010, its been great. Sadie is a great dog she loves to play fetch all day long and then rest in front of the fireplace in her bed at night. All the time I am learning new things about her personality, she is a lot of fun to have around. I would like to thank the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter so much for helping me find Sadie, she's the best. BTW: Sadie has become a huge JETS fan! From us: "We would like to thank you for adopting and appreciating one of our great pups. BTW we're JETS fans too."
Juno- formerly Honey

From Juno's Family: "We are sending a donation in honor of Juno and her third "Re-birthday" (July 14th). She is a calm, loving (if quirky) girl, who has continued to relax and thrive. She is happy and lives to be with family members. Thanks". From us:"Thank you for the donation and for adopting and loving one of our pups."   
Spencer- now Oscar

From Spencer's Family: "Spencer, adopted 3/2011 is now named Oscar. In the photos he is on vacation at Kenoza Lake in the Catskill Mountains. He likes to ride in cars- if there is no traffic, he also likes to eat rawhides and play ball. He sends woofs back to his friends in Port Washington. Oscar is amazed that he has his own bed and that his pack sleeps with him. He is attending Doggy School but is very independent. He is a gentle dog who does not mind cats, squirrels, rabbits or deer. FRom us: "Thank you for giving Spencer a new life where he is happy." 



From Freckles' Family: "Freckles is loving her new forever home. I feel so lucky to have found a dog as great as she is. Freckles is so affectionate and a total sweetheart. She gets so many compliments when I take her on walks. She also makes a great jogging buddy and we love going down to the water and back. I love Freckles! Thank you so much for taking care of her and helping to train her during her stay! She's been really wonderful! From us: "We are so happy for you and Freckles that you found each other."


Roxy & Best Friend


From Roxy's Family: "I adopted Roxy in 1998 in North Hempstead Town Shelter. I originally wanted a cat and was trying to find North Shore Animal League. I accidentally went to the shelter which did not have cats. They only had dogs. When I went inside I saw the cutest puppies and I fell in love with them especially learning about the mom. Roxy's mom was found during an eviction and later had a big litter of pups. I got to the animal shelter an hour and a half early and waited on line to be number 6 and found my true friend. About 6 months later they had a reunion for all the pups and the mother. Roxy did not look like her mom who was multicolor and a large breed. The whole event was so nice.

This year (2011) Roxy developed a cyst on her spine and was in a lot of pain. Last week I had to do what a good dog owner had to do! As a small appreciation of all the happiness that Roxy brought to me and my family I donated a small amount of money to The Shelter Connection. I wanted to thank the workers of North Hempstead Shelter and The Shelter Connection for all of the happiness and joy Roxy gave to me. She will always have a special place in my heart.

I wanted to mention that in 2005 I became a Nassau County Deputy Sheriff. About a year into my new career I went into the evictions unit and found numerous abandoned animals. When I was in the unit my partners and I were very compassionate about abused and neglected animals and developed relationships with different town shelters and even, in joined efforts with NCPD and the ASPCA, arrested some individuals. I later moved on in my career and am currently working as an investigator in the SLAP unit which goes after dead beat parents.

Once again, I want to thank you! If you ever have a new litter of puppies can you please contact me.

From us: "We are so sorry for your loss. Thank you for all of the years of happiness that you and your family gave Roxy and for helping animals and children in your career."   



From Star's Family:"I want to thank you and your staff. You guys were very helpful, patient and extremely nice to my family and I. We simply love Star. She has adjusted to our home and she is one happy and playful puppy. We will be sending more pictures in time but here are some of her first week in her new home. Thank you again"





Rusty was one of the "Eight Lords & Ladies Leaping" puppies that were abandoned at the shelter in February, 2003. From his family to Sue & the great staff at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter: "He is now a little over 8 years old but still acts like a puppy. We took him home on February 5. 2003 when he was a 3 month old puppy. In our wildest dreams we never thought he would look like he does. A groomer told us he looked like a Pharoah Hound. Until then we thought he was Greyhound & Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is great with our two children who love him dearly. He is very protective of his family, but he doesn't care for the wildlife in our neighborhood. He is very intelligent. He loves to go for car rides and can run in our backyard for hours. He doesn't like water and barks at whoever is in the pool. We just want to thank you for the wonderful work you do. We are so glad Rusty picked us out that day we visited your shelter. He is the best dog ever! Warmest wishes."

Holly E.


To My Dear Friends at the North Hempstead Animal Shelter: I am very happy in my new home. I went to the vet and he said I was a perfectly healthy beautiful dog. I have a nice yard to play ball in (one day I am going to get that squirrel). I go for long walks with Bob. When I want to go out,  I just get my leash and bring it to Bob or Eileen. The walking thing is a problem, because I pull but we are working on it. Other than that I have been very well behaved. I listen to commands and I do not chew things that do not belong to me. I have had no accidents in the house. I've learned a few new skills. I bow my head to thank Eileen and Bob for treats. I also shake hands. Eileen calls me the blanket thief, because I tug it off of her when she falls asleep on the couch. I have 3 blankets of my own, but sometimes I just want to play. I love the kong especially when Eileen puts peanut butter in it. I've also learned that cheese is very good. Enclosed are some pictures of me in my new home. Barks & Licks, Holly.

Holly F.


Holly was brought to our shelter from another shelter, limping and found to have multiple healing fractures. After it was determined that no surgical therapy was needed she was placed on rest and anti-inflammatory meds. After enough time to allow her to heal completely she was adopted. With the above picture this note came from her adopter: Holly is well and enjoying the cool weather - as you can see she is very well behaved and will allow us to dress her up any way we wish! She loves to go for long walks, in fact her leg has healed so well, she is off all anti-inflammatory meds and only takes an omega-3 fatty acid supplement. She remains "The Perfect Dog". Happy holidays to all.

Coda- now Ollie (dog on right first picture)


Wonderful Coda, who we adopted last week is now known as "Ollie" (it fits his Norwegian heritage). Ollie is the perfect dog for us! He has been getting used to all the smells of the Vermont woods and the howling of the coyotes off in the distance each night. Our older dog Ella, has been very patient with his exuberance and in turn Ollie has been good at knowing when to give Ella space. He is smart, sweet, affectionate and completely wonderful! You guys run a great operation and we are so glad we found you. Thank you for a perfect puppy, we could not be happier!!! All our best, Ollie's Family, Ella, the 4 cats (and the 28 chickens that Ollie has chased, but thankfully not eaten). 

Maggie (formerly Tootsie) smaller brown dog


Two weeks ago, we adopted Tootsie (whippet/dachshund mix) from the North Hempstead Animal Shelter. She was very shy and scared at the shelter when introduced to me and my children. But the shelter staff assured us that once we got her home, she would warm right up. Well, they were right. We got her home, and introduced her to our other rescue dog, Sam. Within a couple of days, the dogs were a pair. We renamed her Maggie (from the song Maggie Mae that was playing on the radio on our car ride home!) and she is part of our family now. She is sweet, smart and affectionate. She still plays with her squeeky pig that the shelter staff sent home with her. Last weekend, she spent a lot of time running around in Orange County and this weekend, she had her first visit to our local dog park. So, life is good! We thank the staff at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter for rescuing Maggie, and for helping us to select her as our pet.



Rocky, the Akita born at the shelter, visited the shelter. His family reports that he is a real joy and they love him

Charlie (Formerly Nickel)


Charlie (formerly Nickel) has been a wonderful addition to our family! He is the first dog we ever had as we always had cats. He is a well behaved, easy going and super affectionate little guy who only looks for free belly rubs. He loves the children and waits for them to return from school with his favorite toy ready in his mouth, so they can play with him in the back yard. He still has some separation anxiety when left alone. He perches on a custom made carpeted window ledge we built for him so he has room to spread out while waiting for us and does not budge until we get home. The reunion is always complete with a frenzied tail wag and licks. It's hard to imagine so much love and affection packed into one 20 pound bundle. Charlie is a delightful dog and the love affair is mutual. Thank you all again for all your help and support in helping Charlie and us find each other. A happy and healthy holiday season to all of you and to all God's creatures.

Pogo (Sammy)


From Sammy's adopter: "A year ago our Chihuahua died and we wanted to adopt another rescue Chihuahua. We looked online and found Pogo (now Sammy). I was a bit hesitant because Sammy was so young but my husband, Jim, said that Sammy was "THE ONE". Since adoptions were 1st come, 1st served and Jim was determined to adopt Sammy he arrived at 2PM the day before Sammy's adoption day. Sammy is such a joy to our family- loveable, very mischievous and a great companion to our other dog Gizmo. It is not unusual for Sammy to bring one of his squeaky toys and drop it onto our face at 7AM as we are sleeping to play fetch. The best story was when we were babysitting our granddaughter and we were doing puzzles in the living room. Earlier I had made my husband a 6" hero sandwich which I had put onto the kitchen table. Jim then asked where his sandwich was. When I replied, the kitchen table, he informed me that the plate was empty. Then I remembered our 5&1/2 pound Chihuahua Sammy running by me with something in his mouth into his little hut. Needless to say, he stole the 6" hero, which is HALF his size, dragged it off the table, through the dining room and the living room, past me no less, as I was playing with my granddaughter! That's our Sammy. The picture is Sammy with Jim- as you can see, Sammy loves to snuggle. THANK YOU Town of North Hempstead Shelter for all the wonderful work that you do!!   



Rocky was the largest of a litter of purebred Akitas born at our shelter. His adopter reports that he is doing very well and is much loved. The picture pretty much answers the question: Where does a large dog sit? Answer: Wherever he wants to sit!



Hello everyone at the shelter. It has been one week since we've brought Nicky home and each moment has been filled with love joy excitement surprise and laughter. My children, my tenants, and the neighbors have all been over to the house just to meet our new family member. Since Wednesday evening we have had at least 30 people come by for Nicky. It is like a newborn baby coming home for the first time only better (he's house broken). Nicky has adjusted to our home very well. He has had some moments because his world has opened up a lot in just a few days. I have been working with him in order to get him use to our home. We have a very large house with lots of stair cases. His first night he fell down the basement steps, after that I came up with a command to help him, before he goes down the stair we say "step", that lets him know that he has to watch his footing. He caught on to that very well, so after 3 days he has mastered going down the stairs, however, I have placed baby gates in front of the stairs that are dangerous. Other than the stairs, everything is great. The first two days he would not eat, just drink, but now that he is comfortable with us his appetite has returned. We've included some treats for training, veggie dog snacks, apples, bananas, carrots, etc. I've done some research on toys for blind dogs, and have bought him some toys that squeak, and have bells inside. He plays with them, but the amazing thing is that he keeps his toys neatly placed on his bed when he is not using them. They are always kept in the same place each time, this dog is so smart. Now lets talk about the cat. The first day home we tried to introduce the two of them. Sugarplum took one look at him hissed and scratched Nicky's nose. Since then, Nicky has been trying to find her, but she's too quick. Well, that's all for now, we are all very happy with Nicky and I believe Nicky is happy with us too. Forever grateful, Nicky's adopter. 




From Tess and written by Tess's new best friend: Hi everyone, remember me-Princess aka Tess. I was adopted May 29th, 2010 and I wanted to give you an update on how I'm doing. My day begins around 5:30am. I like to start my first of many walks around 6:30am. You would not believe all the other dogs being walked at the same time. I've met Logan, who was also a shelter dog and many others. I also love to ride in the car, which I get to do a few times a week. I share my domain with 2 humans and 3 cats. We all get along very well but sometimes I like to show the cats that I really am a "Princess". I've been to the vet, had my teeth cleaned and have been "chipped". Dr. Anne says I'm a very nice dog. Actually I think she refers to me as a "Sweetie". All in all, I'm in pretty good health. Just wanted you all to know I'm doing well and enjoying my new life. Have to go, time for a walk. TESS. From Tess's human: My Tess, your Princess, is doing great. I was blessed our paths crossed. How lucky am I ??




Bentley- The Model

Bentley was adopted in April of 2007. His adopter reports that he is doing great. He was recently selected to be in a fall campaign for Ralph Lauren. Above (on the left) is from his photo shoot and (on the right) at home.




Brody (Formerly Norman)

From Brody's Family: "Just wanted to thank you again. My Brody is the dearest, most precious angel! Seriously, he is so good, so smart, and my 'little shadow'. We take great walks, Brody loves the car. He eats well, plays and sleeps well. When I have to leave him he has the run of the house and never disturbs a thing! He's totally unbelieveable- he's so good. Sometimes I can't believe he's mine. I'm so blessed, you tell him 'no' once and he obeys. Brody does everything with me and everyone adores him. All I can say is I am so grateful to you. Brody has given me so much- changed my life. All the best".  

Gus (Formerly Winslow)

From Gus's Family:"On his four month anniversary of adoption Gus and I are sending this brief update. Gus has travelled across country by car and played in the Pacific Ocean. He has been to Maine at a lake, and he just returned to NYC after 5 days at the Jersey shore. He has adjusted to the car very well. We are both working on his leash issues. He will probably attend some extra training in Sept. so he can interact with other dogs on an easier basis. Around the home he has continued to be a dream family member. We wind him up once a week with his toys so he can do his chariot race with the furniture cleared away. He loves tennis balls and tug of war. The pictures are of Gus with our 13 year old neice in Oregon and in his tube in Maine. Thank you again for all your great work and for introducing Gus into our lives". From us: "Thank you for giving Gus a wonderful home and for being willing to help Gus be the best dog that he can be". 



Heather (Wheaten Terrier) with Tess

From Heather's Family:"I would like to write this letter to thank you for the much needed service you provide to homelss dogs. Recently I adopted a second dog from your facility, Heather, case 193. Once again, I was rewarded with love and loyalty from a canine heart. I hope that the people in charge of the shelter operations have the wisdom not to cut back on personnel at this location. With great respect." From us:"Thank you so much, first for giving two of our pups a wonderful loving home, and second, for your generous donation".



From Katie's Family: We wanted to update you and brag about Katie's latest accomplishments. She was adopted in February of 2007. She was a typical year old black lab full of energy and smart as a whip. She stole our hearts. With lots of love, patience and training she earned her AKC CGC in April of 2009. For the past year we have been training to compete in Rally Obedience. This weekend was her first sanctioned APDT trial, and lo and behold she was amazing and qualified and earned her title of RL1 (Rally Level 1). Now on to bigger and better things, Rally Level 2. Thank you all so much for all you do for our abandoned dogs. To everyone reading this, adopted and rescued pets are the absolute best. From us: Katie's story clearly shatters the myth that all shelter dogs are "damaged goods". We are so happy for you and Katie.
Lexi- now Daisy
From Daisy's Family: Hi Shelter Connection- here are some pictures of the puppy we adopted from the North Hempstead Animal Shelter. Her name is Daisy (formerly Lexi- case 132). We couldn't be happier with her. thanks so much. 

Noelle Finds Her Soulmate

    Noelle is one of our more recent and very special Happy Tails.  This loveable couch potato came to the Shelter in December of 2007.  She was older, scarred, blind in one eye, and limping badly.  Mend-a-Paw funds were used to repair the torn ACL that caused the limp.  As sweet as she was, Noelle presented needs for a special placement.  Her blind side made her unsuitable for a home with small children, she could not be placed in a home with other dogs, and her surgery made it preferable for her new home to have few if any stairs.  With all these needs Noelle languished at the shelter for two years.  During that time she became a favorite with staff and volunteers, and became the "go to" dog when kids groups came to the shelter.  She loved the attention.   Finally, on the second anniversary of her December shelter arrival, Santa made her wish come true.  Her new and forever companion, John, is pictured with her on the day of her adoption.  Our fingers, and toes and paws were crossed that all would go well with the pair.  Here is the letter that we got from John's brother that made everyone cheer!  


Noelle and John are getting along famously!! The bonding has gone real well. If John leaves the area for a moment, Noelle just watches where he went and patiently awaits his return.  They are like a couple that has been together for a long time.  It's a pleasure to watch.  Tell everyone at the shelter Noelle and John are perfect for each other and the whole situation could not be better for both.  Thanks for helping put these two together.


It's been a year since we adopted "Pudge" now Tyson, the white English Bulldog from you.  We cannot thank you and the kind people at the Shelter Connection enough for allowing us to adopt him as he is the perfect dog, in fact he's so special to us that he was our co-ringer bearer in our wedding this month!  He absolutely stole the show and we could not imagine him not being there with us.


From Romeo's Family:"On January 6th 2010 we adopted case # 94 a.k.a. Romeo . We never expected to bring home the best dog ever. He's such a good boy and comes to work with me everyday at the golf course. After he has his breakfast we take a ride around the course so he can chase any geese that hang around, away. He greets everyone that comes to play golf and they all love him. I only wish I could teach him to operate some of the machinery in the pics. Lol . If anyone has any doubts and/or fears of Pitbulls, you couldn't be more wrong or miss informed, They are the best dogs to have especially with children. Thanks to everyone at town of North Hempstead Shelter for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family, and changing our lives for the better." From us:"Thank you for loving Romeo and for reminding everyone that its not the breed, its what we humans do to them. We have some amazing great Bully dogs at the shelter that potential adopters overlook because they are Pit Bulls."


From Tweek's family: "I just wanted to send everyone an update on the beautiful boy formerly known as "Beans". Not so long after I adopted him his name became Tweek, which he is very well suited for. He has had many adventures in the past few months. We have gone camping twice in Vermont and climbed all the way to the top of Mount Mansfield, we are starting to believe that Tweek may be part mountain goat! He even carries his own pack with all his supplies so mom doesnt have to. In addition to this, he and I started swimming in the Sound everyday over the summer, he is a very strong swimmer and absolutely loves the water. In August life changed a bit as mom got a new job and we have moved to Connecticut, but no worries, we moved from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house with a fenced in backyard to run around in! There is also a fabulous kennel up here that does this great boarding program when I must be separated from my baby, they basically have a giant gymnasium that they let like 30 dogs (of the same size and temperment) loose in and let them go nuts basically. Tweek loves it! He is a gem to have in my life as he loves everyone, kids, adults, other dogs, and even my cats (as long as they dont get too much attention from me...). He sleeps curled up in bed with me every night, my heating blanket as I lovingly refer to him. I have included a couple of pictures for you guys to see how great life he has and how he is living it to the fullest! I cannot thank you enough for saving this amazing boy from what was sure to be a death sentence and bringing him into my life."


Polly is doing really well, we actually changed her name to Kiara! We even took her to the Leukemia for a Cure Dog Walk and she had so much fun. She loves all dogs, people and loves to swim. Thanks for everything and the great experience at the shelter.Everyone was really helpful and so nice!!! I have attached some photos and I hope this goes to show people how great Pitbulls truly are! From us: "Thank you for adopting & loving Polly."

Blizzard (Frost)

We just wanted to let you know that Blizzard (Cockapoo) has adjusted perfectly . Thank you! He's a wonderful addition to our family. As you can see in the attached pics, after a haircut, he can finally see. It must have been 2 lbs. worth of hair trimmed. He loves bones and playing with the kids. By the way, he's a digger - he's got a full acre to practice on! Once again, Thank you Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter.


From Cosmo's Family: "My eldest son Robert began asking for a dog when he was 5 years old. My husband and I were hesitant to take the plunge,as the parents of three young boys, the youngest two of which are children with autism, we were concerned that a dog might be too much to handle. Robert would frequently plead his case and promise that he would be the one to care for a dog, but we knew that the decision to bring a dog home required the commitment of the whole family to be involved in its care. Our middle son, Joseph is an animal lover; our two cats , Lucy & Ethel are his constant companions. Joseph has always loved visiting friends and families with dogs, and my husband and I began to realize that his interaction with these animals often helped bridge the social gap created by his autism. We began to think that perhaps bringing a dog into our home would help both he and our younger son, James, interact socially. At first we thought about applying for a service animal specially trained for individuals with autism, but we realized that it was our eldest son who had longed for a dog, and we felt that he should be involved in finding our family's new special friend. We decided to tell Robert that the time was finally right to bring a dog into our home. Robert (now almost 13 ) found Cosmo within minutes of being at your shelter. It was love at first sight for both, and Cosmo joined our family in early August of 09. He came to us already housebroken, trained and able to follow basic commands. My boys delight in running him through his repertoire - he now will sit, stay, shake hands, lie down, come, fetch and "kennel up" on command. He loves long walks and playing fetch in our yard. My Joseph laughs hysterically when Cosmo runs lightning fast circles around him in our yard, and our youngest, James, loves to blow bubbles for Cosmo to pop. Our Robert has never been happier - we have noticed that he is doing better at school and enjoys taking care of his new buddy. Robert is always willing to walk Cosmo and takes wonderful care of him. We are so proud of how much responsibility he has shown in the past few months.  With three boys, 2 cats, 2 frogs, a tank full of fish and Cosmo life is never boring - but we wouldn't change it for the world!!! Thank you for helping us make Cosmo part of our family!!!" From us:"Thank you for sharing such a wonderful Happy Tail and for giving Cosmo a home where he is loved and appreciated."


From Gus's Family:"Its been 1 week since we adopted Winslow. Everything is working out very well- much better than I anticipated. There has been a lot thrown at him this week with his new life in the city. The carriage horses were a shock to him, but he does not even look at them twice now. Each walk has been easier than the previous one. Around the apartment ha has truly been a dream. He is a true "snuggler" who just wants to share his love. I am very pleased with how Gus is working out for us. He has proven to be an excellent match. I thank you for all the great work you do each and every day." From us: "Thank you for recognizing Gus's potential and adopting him."


From Trixie"s Family: "We adopted Trixie from your shelter in September of 2001. She is 9 years old now and we love her with all our hearts!"


From Bubu's Family: "Bubu is doing great! Although he still thinks all the toys are his, all the beds are his etc., he is starting to learn that he needs to share with Leia. The two dogs are getting along really well. When I come home and let him out of his cage - he runs to see leia first. You can see from one of the pictures that the two dogs like to sleep 'butt' to 'butt' We're still working on his manners outside - barks at every person and every dog - but - is much better with strangers that visit. All of my friends love him.


From Mischa's Family: "We adopted "Saphira" from you back in May of 2009....wanted to update you on how well she is doing...Her name is now Mischa...she was a lot of work - lots of training and socialization to help her get over her fears...my fiance gets all the credit for what a great girl she has become. She is up to about 85lbs and loves to play. We take her up to our place in Vermont and loves to romp in the woods...she is making up for all her lost time. From us: "Thank you for giving one of our pups a loving home where she could flourish."


From Ollie's family: "On behalf of Ollie we would like to send this donation to the shelter as a thank you for the care you provided him before he joined our family. We hope that it will assist you in continuing to help these amazing animals and bring happiness to the future families that will adopt them. Ollie is doing great and, if its possible, becomes even cuter with each day we spend with him. He has truly brightened our lives. Thank you for everything." From us: "Thank you for adopting Oliie and loving him."


From Charlie's family: "Enclosed is a photo of Charlie who was adopted May 29th, 2009. I couldn't have asked for or expected a more loveable, sweet and extremely affectionate pet especially with small children. He is a lover and he shows it. Still mischievous but ever so funny in the things that he does. As of his recent ver check-up he has reached the perfect weight of 99 lbs. I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet and adopt this wonderful pet. He has brought so much joy to me and my family. I applaud all of you for the wonderful work you do to care for these defenseless animals." From us: "Thank you for giving Charlie a home where he is loved and appreciated."

Stella and Blanche

From their family: "After a few weeks of searching for the perfect pugs for our home, we discovered Sugar and Spice (who are now known as Stella and Blanche Devereaux). My sister and I waited up all night at the shelter to be the first on line to adopt the pair. Although the girls had a bit of a rough transition in the beginning, they have come such a long way in the past few months. Housebreaking was extremely easy, and we are still working on socialization, basic obedience and leash skills since they become distracted when they see a passing dog. Blanche (Spice) is such a happy pug! Her tail is always wagging, she loves to play with her toys, go for walks, chase squirrels and most of all she loves to just relax and snuggle all day. Stella (Sugar) is our little shadow, no one can go or do anything in the house without Stella knowing. She loves to run around and play with her toys, hide under the covers and wait for us to find her. Stella is very mischievous and can be a little bully to Blanche, but Blanche helps her remember that she is infact a tiny pug and not a 150 lb. dog. The girls enjoy playtime with their friends at doggie daycare once a week, and have gotten along very well with their bulldog cousin Athena! We are so happy that we adopted the girls together! They play, snuggle and look out for one another. They are attached at the hip and we could not imagine how they would have coped if they were seperated. Thank you for allowing us to keep their family together while completing ours." From us: "Thank you for adopting them together. They look so happy in their new home."


From Nike's adopter: "I'd like to give a big thank you to the North Hempstead Animal Shelter for our new buddy Nike. After a month of bringing our furry little friend home, he's getting along excellently. We renamed him Trouble as he had an impish side to him. He loves playing with his tennis balls and chewing his assortment of toys. He's getting used to his new home via daily walks. Though we still have a way to go, this little guy is going a long way in this family. Everywhere we go, people comment on what a pretty little doggie he is (he's so cuddly and oh so adorable!). Thanks and I hope to update later on with more happy reports of Trouble."

Ajax and McGinty

From shelter friend Mary: "Dear friends at the shelter, I am writing this card for Ajax (he has arthritis) and McGinty (he cannot spell). We wanted to send a little extra this year. We know how difficult it must be to raise money in these hard times. We want you all to know we pray for you and ask God to bless you all, always. With love, Ajax, McGinty and least of the group, Mary." From us: "Thank you so much for the generous donation, for your continuing support,and for the good wishes."


Hi. I check regularly to see the dogs on Shelter Connection. As noted in my previous submission to happy tails, we adopted Neptune (now known as Drummer) in February 2004. Drummer and his buddy Scout continue to brighten our lives and we are forever grateful for the job all of you do in helping these great animals find families.


From Crackers: "Ruff- I'm happy here in Las Vegas with my mommy & her grandson. He feeds me oatmeal, eggs, cream cheese & yummie people food!! He takes me to a dog park with mommy. I love you all for helping me find my family - big slurpy kisses." From The Shelter Connection- Crackers is now 10 years old. She was a long term shelter resident whose great personality made her a favorite of the volunteers and staff. The only problem that she had was her age. Her story makes the case that older dogs can make the best pets & companions.


From Harley: "I left my home at the shelter in April of 2002. I know I must have been a pain in the neck cause my new daddy Gregg says it all of the time, but he still loves me and treats me well, as all of you did & I love you for it. The last 6 years have been adventurous as I got to see America in a big rig. I've got it made & it was all because of you all at the shelter who took care of me & gave me the chance to find a family that would love me as just as much as all of you did". TSC note: Sadly, Harley passed away recently, but thanks to Greg, this big, sweet, lug had a life full of love and companionship.


"Dear Shelter Connection: King has been a dream come true. When we took him home last year he was 80 lbs. & nervous. A year later he's a 100 lbs. & our best friend. He's very protective of the kids & the house. Last summer he stopped someone from breaking in- he's our hero! King is an angel! Keep up the good work."


From Alley's Family: "It's been 1 week since the adorable Alley (as Checkers is now known) has come to stay in our home. She gets along well with our 8 year old Tabby cat and has gotten a clean bill of health from our vet. Luckily she also likes riding in the car and she will be able to travel with us upstate & to the Poconos. We have crate trained her & she seems to actually enjoy being in the crate as a little den at night in our bedroom. The most exciting thing is that she has been enjoying food & has actually gained a little weight." From us: "Thank you for adopting & caring for her".


Hello to everyone at the North Hempstead Animal Shelter! We hope you remember us - we are the young couple who left at 5am from Philadelphia last Friday on the off chance that a dog we saw on Petfinder was available! We just wanted to wish everyone at the shelter a massive thank you for helping us adopt "Pudge," the beautiful white English bulldog. It's been nearly a week now and he is without doubt, the best dog we could have ever adopted! He is completely housetrained (not a single accident yet!); loves car rides; knows basic commands; is crate trained; is great with other dogs and other people; is really obedient; but above all, he is the most loving and sweet dog. He adores playing with Matthew in our big loft - I came back the other day to discover the two of them running around like crazy playing soccer with a big empty soda bottle! He is also a big old snuggle bunny - currently he is sitting right next to me snoring! We both felt your shelter was exceptional and did fantastic work. You all really care about your dogs and do wonders with these pups. I'm putting the word out there to everyone I know how great you are, so hopefully you can expect more people leaving at the crack of dawn from Philadelphia to come and adopt from you! With much love and appreciation, Faye, Matthew and Tyson the wonder dog!


From Sally's Family: "We adopted Sally from the Town of North Hempstead Shelter in July 2008 - it's been almost a year and we would like to share an update with all of you. Our friends at the shelter helped us find Sally - we are so grateful for their advice and for the joy she brings to all of us. Sally is doing great! We don't know her background, but she came home with lots of good manners. We are happy to say, she is still a big, sweet mush. She loves going for LONG walks at Alley Pond Park with her good dog buddies, Daisy and Heffner. Nick gives her lots of play time in the yard with her favorite toys - tennis balls! When we first brought Sally home, she was greeted by Roxy - who had gotten loose from our neighbors. Roxy jumped all over Sally, but Sally just sat and waited for the craziness to subside.We were relieved and amazed at her gentleness. Sally loves to learn new tricks she's recently gotten "paw" down pat! She is great when meeting new people too, everyone compliments her sweet demeanor and calm disposition. We couldn't be happier that Sally is in our home! We are the lucky ones. Thanks again!"


From Shibby's adopters: "Shibby (aka Cagney) was my Valentine's Day gift this year. Best gift I've ever received, hands down. A mixture of pitbull and 'something that accounts for lightning fast speed', Shibby is the gentlest, snuggliest (her tag actually reads "P.S. I'm a snugglebunny"), 70lb lap dog we could ever have wished for. For those quick to assume pits are pre-disposed to aggression/otherwise unsafe around kids, Shibby is a terrific counter-argument. Thanks Shelter Connection!!

Prince (right)

Prince's nickname is Mushie Tushie because he is the sweetest thing! He loves to snuggle and must always be with us. We take him everywhere. He loves swimming in the ocean and romping with his best friend Max (a neighbor's puggle). He's known by everyone around town. He's good off the leash and with little kids, the elderly, and other dogs. He's sooo well behaved I can't even begin to imagine why someone (nevermind 2 someone's) would give him up for adoption!!! He is the center of our lives and no one gives as much love as he does!! From us: ``Thank you for recognizing the gem in Prince and giving him a happy home.``


From JD's Family:"On July 3rd, 2007, we drove to the North Shore looking for North Shore Animal League and actually found The Shelter Connection instead. I told the staff that I had never owned a dog before and they suggested two dogs. They brought one dog out of its cage: a handsome Chow/Shepherd mix named Keats. Keats was rescued from another shelter in the city and they had no history on him. They estimated he was between 4 & 5. He was gentle when he played and when he took toys from your hand. He didn't jump up on you and he actually rolled over for us to rub his stomach, something the staff member claimed was very unusual for Keats. I liked him a lot, but I wanted to think about it. We played and eventually left and said we'd get back to them.The next day was July 4th, and the shelters were closed. I had the day to think about it, and on July 5th, 2007, we went back to The Shelter Connection to get Keats, the only dog we had seen from the shelters we visited. I was so happy to have him. We changed his name Keats (a shelter name) to JD - Jack Daniels- because he was whiskey colored. Like I said, I was depressed at this time and thought my new dog would be the one to cheer me up. I was SO wrong. JD was the type of dog that was very aloof and stingy with affection. He was finicky about being touched or pet. He never gave kisses and he didn't play with toys. He was bad at the dog parks and couldn't be around other dogs because he would start fights. About all we did together was walk. He was, however, extremely house broken. He wouldn't jump on furniture, had rare accidents in the house, didn't beg for food, and barked only for danger. I was so upset that we weren't "connecting". I took it personally. I would read the "happy tails" and feel like my dog didn't like me. I felt like something wasn't right. I wanted to send him back! Three weeks into the adoption, I told my boyfriend I wanted to give JD back. Thankfully, he talked me out of it. I muscled through the awkward stage and worked with JD. I took him to the vet and realized he had arthritis - a reason why he didn't want to be touched or play with other dogs. We also learned that Chows as a breed are aloof. We got him medicine and worked on playing and fetching. Almost 3 years later, he's still stingy with kisses (he usually only gives them for treats), but he follows me EVERYWHERE. He plays with toys, learned commands, and lets me touch him. He's my best friend. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. My whole family loves him. My cousin even made him his own Facebook page! I am so glad I stuck it out. I wouldn't know what to do without him." From us:"We're happy & grateful that you stuck it out- thank you".